Infrared Thermal Photography Services in the Mid-South Area

Infrared Thermal Photography will provide evaluations of the support, safety and comfort sytems in your home or business.

Our Services

Structure Evaluations for engery loss

Infrared Thermal Photography

Building and Home Diagnostics using NON-DESTRUCTIVE and NON-INVASIVE testing.  See things and places  that are invisible to the human eye.  Energy Audits.  Are you sending $$$$ out the doors, windows and the roof?  You will receive an email report with pictures and annotations. 

Infrared Thermal Photography... WHAT WILL IT DO?


Visual proof of energy loss or wasted utilities.   Predictive Equipment Management such as... Air-Conditioning (ovrerheating motors, escaping air and dirty coils),  Water Heaters (thin walls and missing insulation), Appliances (overheating and warped doors),  Circuit Breakers and Wiring (weak or faulty breakers, loose connections, failing outlets).

Energy and Safety Audits


Best suited for residential and commercial applications... YOUR home and businessses!

Are you sending $$$$ out the doors, windows and roof?   Perhaps save $40, $50 or more per month.

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We serve the Mid-South area. I am a native Memphian and been in business for 47 years.   Have a question about the services we provide? Send us the details on the type of project you're looking to hire for, and we'll be happy to get back to you with a free quote and information.

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